June 02nd 2017 - Alternate Commentary: Child's Play

It's the third month again and that means more alternate commentaries. This month we start with the 80's classic, possessed doll slasher film Child's Play. I'm joined by my friend and newbie to the show and Child's Play, Kim Fletcher. Can I convince a first time viewer how good this film is? 


June 16th 2017 - Interview with Ed Gale

As a 'Bonus Feature' to the Child's Play commentary I interviewed the actor and stuntman Ed Gale. We talk about his time on the set as Howard the Duck, Child's Play and several others. 


June 30th 2017 - Alternate Commentary: Masters of the Universe

Mike Kennedy is back and we are recording our own kind of Movie Commentary track, this time we take on the 80's icon, He-Man. What do we have to say about Dolph Lundgren and a very young Courtney Cox as they battle against Skeletor and iffy special effects. 

Episode 26

July 14th 2017 - 20th Century Horror writers with David Moody

It's summer time and what better what better way to celebrate it than chatting about great horror novels of the 20th Century. I take a look at James Herbert, Stephen King and many others. To understand this better I interview Horror writer, author of the awesome Hater and Autumn series, David Moody. 


July 28th 2017 - Horror genre Mash ups with Peter McClean

Sticking with Horror I take a look at the best mash-ups of horror with other genres. To get into the thick of this I interviewed author of the urban detective horror 'The Burned Man'  series, Peter McClean. 

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