August is the Summer month and we are going all out to enjoy it!! A podcast a week, that's 5 podcasts in one month. Each of the episode topics will be co-hosts choice, so we will cover some amazing and different topics - but wait there's more! not only will there be a podcast a week but each podcast will be accompanied by a blog, written by the co-host. The Summer of Geek is here. 


VS. Fights: Monster Mash

20th Century Geek is trying something new! Are you ready for the battle of "VS. Fights"? Two enter only one will leave.

To get in the mood for Halloween the fights this months will be a crazy MONSTER MASH!

American Werewolf in London vs. The Howling

Return of the Living Dead vs. Re-Animator


25th Anniversary of GHOSTWATCH

On Halloween night in 1992 the BBC Broadcast something so controversial that it was buried and not broadcast or released on DVD for 10 years. "Ghostwatch" scared me rigid and burned itself into my memory. 25 years later I get to talk to Stephen Volk, the man who created it and we will celebrate this TV Horror milestone. 


The Amityville Horror

Do you believe in ghosts? do you believe in Haunted houses? Do you believe the Lutz family were chased out of their house after 28 days? 

20th Century Geek delves into the events that took place in Amityville in December 1975. We will examine not just the history but question whether the events actually happened. More than that we will also be looking at the impact this real life event has had on horror and pop culture since. 


VS. Fights: Christmas Clashes

Santa is coming kids!! and what better way to celebrate the commercialised  festival of Christmas than a couple of festive fights. Two will enter one will leave!

Lets pull some crackers and get smashed:

The Santa Clause vs. Arthur Christmas

Scrooged vs. Bad Santa

If this tickles your fancy or you have ideas you would like to suggest please get in contact either through this website or or @20thcenturygeek on Twitter