A slice of Italian Horror

We are kicking off the Summer by going DARK! Mike and I will be delving into two of the greats from the golden age of Italian Horror, Lucio Fulci and Mario Barva. Get ready for blood, gore, mystery and some hyper style.


Die Hard 30th Celebration

Yipee Kiyay! it's been 30 years since John McClane survived a Christmas even in Nakatomi Plaza. So 20th Century geek is going to take a look at the whole Die Hard series, the books that inspired some of the films and the legacy of "Die hard in a ..." movies that came in the 90s.


Pulp Heroes

Modern superheroes owe them a massive debt but they don't get enough love in my opinion. So 20th Century geek is going to look at Pulp heroes of the 30s ad 40s and how they have survived in different iterations on page, radio and screen. We will discuss some of the original pulp novels, the comics and the mini-boom of pulp hero movies of the early 90s.


It's all a bit surreal

It's time to crack a smile and have some fun, or for some just be confused. 20th century geek is jumping in coconuts first to revisit the TV and Movie outtings of the crew from Monty Python's Flying Circus.


A Tim Burton Halloween

Tim Burton is the King of Freaks and Monsters but does his catalogue of films provide a full spectrum of movies to deliver a great Halloween? We will be looking at the Horror and twisted Fairy Tales of Time Burton for a ghoulish Halloween month. 

If this tickles your fancy or you have ideas you would like to suggest please get in contact either through this website or 20thcenturygeek@gmail.com or @20thcenturygeek on Twitter