June 12th - 26th

Batman at 80

A celebration of Batman and his 80 years.

Julian Darius and Scott have an in-depth discussion about Batman, his place in comics and the real world. They then chat about their favourite Batman stories.

July 10th, 24th / August 7th

Creepy Summer

The Sun is shining but its time for the podcast o to get a little bit dark.

We start July by celebrating 60 years of a forgotten British institution, that scared people for 30 years - The Pan Books of Horror Stories. After this we will take a look at Obscure and quirky Vampire movies from around the world with Vanessa Morgan and review her book 71 essays of Vampire movies. We finish of the Summer of Creepy with a review of the American Classic “Scary Stories to tell in the Dark” and talk about stories in western folklore.

August 24th / September 4th

Predator Franchise Retrospective

Scott is joined by Rey from the “Into the Knight” (Moon Knight) podcast to review all the entries of the Predator Franchise, from 1987 to 2018.

September 18th

The Fist of Khonshu

Scott and Rey talk about their Favourite Comic Character, the fist of Khonshu, the protector of the night travellers, the avatar of the moon, Moon Knight.

October 2nd

Who’ll think of the children 2

As the nights draw in and the shadows start to creep up on us, we take a look at the fear that spread in the 1980s, The Satanic Panic.

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