Episode 13: Beatlemania

A brief history of the Fab Four and Interviews with Ernie Sutton of the British Beatles Fan Club and Roy Browett, a life long Beatles Fan 


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90's Wrestling: Our time in the ring

Mike and I meet up to talk about one of the greatest eras in Professional Wrestling, the 1990's. However, before we get to the meat of the topic we get to talking about the time we spent as Wrestlers on the British circuit. 

We talk about the promotions we worked for and other wrestlers we worked with. It is a really good look at our perspective on the industry and the sport. 

The best film I ever read.

A look at film novelizations, how they can enhance the film and what they provide for fans. 


Yes, People still read movie novelizations ... And write them too - Alex Suskind, Vanity Fair, 2014

Read 'em and weep - Joe Queenan, The Guardian, 2009

Are film novelizations really that bad? - Tom Huddleston, Time out 

The Endangered art of the movie novelization - Will Sloan, Hazlift

Movie Novelsisations: Commercial cop-out or leg-it lit? - Mark from Provo Utah (Blog)

In praise of movie novelisations, and the gold they offer movie geeks - David Jones, Den of geek

Creation and Novelization - Jan Baetens, 2013


Adventurers, Swashbucklers and Mystery Men

Quote from Batman Begins (2005) Warner Bros -

Research book notes

Superheroes: Capes, cowls and the creation of comic book culture – Laurence Maslon and Michael Kantor (2013) Crown Archetype

A brief History of Superheroes – Brian J. Robb (2014) Robinson / Running Press

The Shadow #1: The living shadow – Maxwell Grant (originally 1931 / reprinted 1977) New English Library

The Avenger #2: The Yellow Hoard – Kenneth Robeson (originally 1939 / reprinted 1972) Warner paperback library

Doc Savage #14: The Fantastic Island – Kenneth Robeson (originally 1935 / reprinted 1966) Bantam Books

Research Websites