Episode 62: The Pulp Heroes

Scott talks with author Jim Beard about the heroes that stepped off the pages of the pulp magazines during the dark days of the great depression.

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“The great Pulp Heroes” Book link


Episode 61: Sharpe's Podcast

Let's get into History! Scott has the pleasure of talking with Richard Sharpe creator Bernard Cornwell and One of Sharpe's Chosen men from the TV series, Rifleman Harris, Jason Salkey.

For more about Bernard Cornwell and the Sharpe series visit bernardcornwell.net

Find out more about Jason's new book chronicling his time on the Sharpe series at unbound.com/books/from-crimea-with-love

More about Jason Salkey at riflemanharris.co.uk

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The best film I ever read.

A look at film novelizations, how they can enhance the film and what they provide for fans. 


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Read 'em and weep - Joe Queenan, The Guardian, 2009

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